Motorhome disintegrates during high-speed chase

By : RVCG Staff June 13, 2019

In a most bizarre situation, the San Fernando/Tarzana and wide area police gave chase to the driver of a stolen motorhome who sped through residential and business area streets trying to escape.  The video has been watched widely but we thought we would share it with you and point out something very important.

The Fleetwood Southwind class A motorhome looked to be several years old by the condition on its roof and overall body design. Please notice the following:

When the motorhome sideswiped a palm tree, the right side of the motorhome easily came apart, showing no structural integrity whatsoever.

Structural integrity is one of the major reasons why we, for over 30 years, have harped on the failure of RV manufacturers to make all RVs structurally safer - and, to-date, they are not addressing this huge safety issues.

Watch the video, if you have not seen it already, and give us your opinions (post comments at bottom of page). Besides the fact that all of us were mesmerized and concerned about the fate of the dogs onboard and all other innocent drivers, our main focus was on the RV's structure every time it hit another vehicle. Click on first photo below to watch video - but first, take a look at the other photos.

RVCG Staff

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