RV Confidential #5: Will Thor Kill Jayco?

By : JD Gallant April 10, 2017

Believe it or not, you can predict it ... maybe prevent it! 

In typical fashion, JD Gallant shares with you information based on your RV experiences and opinions. This short OP-ED shows you why RV Consumer Group has been a watchdog on behalf of the RV consumer for over 25 years.

If you could study the thousands of ratings and comments that buyers have been giving Jayco and Thor-owned RVs through publications offered by RV.org for over more than two decades, you'd see why the potential for a giant RV manufacturer to destroy the legacy of a smaller RV manufacturer can easily happen.  
According to buyers of Jayco motor homes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, this RV manufacturer has been climbing the quality scale because the company management has been paying attention to what their customers have been saying. But now that Thor Industries has purchased Jayco (June 2016), according to RV Business (see at rv.business.com) Thor is cutting that management to the core.

We shouldn't be surprised. History has told us that this is Thor's philosophy. Since the early nineties RV Consumer Group has been watching Thor closely. It pretty much began with the purchase of Dutchmen - a low quality trailer manufacturer that Thor kept low quality but improved cosmetically. Now after a bunch more RV manufacturer purchases, Thor is really showing us what it thinks of the RV consumer. And with Thor's purchase of Jayco - a rising star in the opinion of Jayco past buyers - we better expect Jayco's star to begin fading.
Your ratings and comments tell it all. With numbers in the tens of thousands, the history of RV manufacturers becomes factual - they can't hide from it. When they cut quality, the consumers groan to us. We listen and rate accordingly. That's what we do! So be careful, Thor, what you do to Jayco. We'll all be watching.       

JD Gallant

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