FOR MEMBERS ONLY. RV Consumer Ratings Reviews/Reports for Towables for Years 2019-2020. Downloadable/Printable E-Book

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RV Consumer Ratings Reviews/Reports for Towables (Fifth Wheel and Travel Trailer)  Brands covering  years 2019 & 2020. Downloadable only - in Adobe Acrobat pdf format/printable.

  • Ratings by reliability, value, and general safety.
  • Up to 5-Star Ratings.
  • Use Classifications (Weekending, Vacationing, RV Trekking, Snowbirding, Fulltiming).
  • Printable reports.

The information in this guide compares RV manufacturers and brands. Sometimes the brand name is the same as the manufacturer's name. The brand usually refers to a complete line of similarly-built RVs in varying lengths and floor plans.  Because of the large amount of models manufacturers are producing (for Towables over 5,000 annually), it is becoming practically impossible to obtain accurate specifications for each model. Thus, in our Towables Guide, we have chosen to concentrate on brands and their series of models to give you more accurate ratings data.


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