RV Reporter is Back!

By : CONNIE GALLANT January 29, 2018

During the 1990s and early 2000s, one of our first hard copy publications was the RV Reporter.  In it we featured safety topics, accidents, cases in our then Court of Public Opinion web pages (an incredibly popular section with RVers experiencing problems with their RVs - everything from accidents, fires, warranty issues, and litigation). These topics will continue in the RV Confidential news.


 Times have changed - and with the progression of the internet, more RVers have easier access to read and write online. With these changes in mind, we are bringing the RV Reporter back with a different theme:


We would like to hear from you, the traveling RVers, about your positive adventures and experiences while living on the road. Positive adventures of our members while on the road, such as:


  • Traveling in national parks and forests - including photographs would be great
  • Camping experiences (funny or serious)
  • Do-it-yourself RV repairs "on the fly"


We will compensate you for your article in a unique form. Upon accepting your article, we will issue you an Amazon Gift Card for $100!  The amount of the gift card will depend on the length of your article. You will be able to redeem your gift card at any time from anywhere.


The RV Reporter will be available to everyone visiting our site, in addition to being sent to our general visitors list of over 10,000.


Your article will be copyrighted under RV Consumer Group, showing your name as the contributing writer.


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