Star Ratings

This 5-star designation is another quick-reference feature of the RV Ratings Guide CD. One to five stars are awarded to those models that have achieved across-the-board ratings of 50 or higher, using the lowest of the ratings as the basis for the star awards. The higher the overall ratings, the more stars are awarded. However, you should never use stars by themselves for the selection process. They should be used in conjunction with the three primary ratings of Value, Reliability, and Highway Control. The stars are meant to be a quick-reference visual guide to the following:

1 Solid Star: Expect overall performance to be “barely acceptable.” If you like a floor plan in a model with a 1-star rating, study the individual ratings carefully so that you understand the risk involved in potential financial losses, frustration from excessive problems, or your safety and that of your passengers. Scale: 50-59.

2 Solid Stars: Overall performance is “fair” with risk indicated by the lowest of the individual ratings. Many models with 2-star ratings may be acceptable if the individual ratings are clearly understood. Scale: 60-69.

3 Solid Stars: A 3-star rating indicates a “good” record of overall performance. However, some weaknesses may be indicated by the individual ratings. Be careful when studying the numbers themselves because a 3-star rating has a wide range between 70 and 79 on our number scale. 70 is close to a 2-star rating and 79 is close to a 4-star rating. This should make a difference in your choice. Scale: 70-79.

4 Solid Stars: A 4-star rating means the brand overall has no serious complaints registered with us through owner-satisfaction polls, our used-appraisal program, or new model evaluations. We consider 4 stars a “very good” overall rating for performance in Value, Reliability, and Highway Control. We are very conservative in awarding 4-star ratings. Scale: 80-89.

5 Solid Stars: To get a 5-star rating a brand needs to have an “excellent” record of performance in Value, Reliability, and Highway Control, indicated by ratings of 90 or higher. Performance includes the manufacturer's willingness to stand behind their product. Any serious problem recorded with us could drop a model or an entire brand from a 5-star rating. This rating has little bearing on price range or use designation. It is strictly based on performance. You will find very few 5-star models in this edition, but by studying the numbers of 3-star and 4-star models, you should be able to get an indication of which models and brands will be climbing the “starcase” toward the greatest award we can give an RV manufacturer. Scale: 90-100.

1/2 Solid Star: A half-star indicates that the model is at least half-way to making the next star level.

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