RV Buying Trilogy

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This book is INCLUDED in our MembershipPlus packages. It does not contain any ratings of RVs. For actual ratings, please see the RV Ratings Guide in our store.

A best-seller book by JD Gallant, this publication shows you, in 3 downloadable sections formatted in Adobe Acrobat (pdf), how to:

  • Select, Inspect, and Buy an RV
  •  Compare types of recreational vehicles for use and safety
  • Choose for fulltiming, snowbirding, or vacationing
  • Select amenities and features
  • Perform a "Walkabout" to inspect an RV
  • Figure what you should pay
  • Deal with a trade-in
  • How to work the cost of financing and insurance

    2015 Edition. 424 pages, 7x9, with hundreds of photos/illustrations - in 3 sections:
  • How to Select
  • How to Inspect
  • How to Buy

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