Truck Campers Rated

Truck Campers Rated show you Star ratings by Brand (NOT models) of most of the slide-in campers manufactured in the USA and Canada. Categories discussed are:  History, Construction, Review by RVCG Staff and consumer comments, Comments by JD Gallant. Includes Star ratings. 105 pages. 2nd edition 2018.

Here's a sample of the comments you will find in the Construction category:

"The roof is laminated, with a wood frame and figerglass cover. The walls are also wood framed with block foam, surrounded by lauan panels and a fiberglass skin."

Consumer Comments:  "After many thousands of miles, I do not have one complaint about this truck camper."

"Delivered with many defects: Refrigerator inoperable, roof leaked, fresh water tank indicator inoperable, and on and on."

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