RV Confidential #10: The New Kid on a Shopping Spree!

by JD Gallant November 20, 2017

The world of RVs is becoming crazier with the buyouts.  Each time a small RV manufacturer is gobbled up by a bigger one, consumers are the ones to pay the price and suffer the consequences.  In this newsletter, we’ll show you how this is happening. 


1) REV Group, the new kid on the block, is producing this very modern Holiday Rambler to compete with Forest River’s and Thor’s motor homes.



With the recent purchase of Renegade RV, and already owner of Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, Monaco, and American Coach, it is clear that REV Group is entering the fast lane in number of RV sales. As I watch them buy RV manufacturers one after the other, it’s easy to see that they might have their eyes on the number 3 total-sales trophy behind the leaders Thor Industries (number 1) and Forest River (number 2).


Although REV Group is primarily a class A motor home builder, with its talent for building most anything, there is no reason whatsoever that it can’t easily move into building more class C’s, class B’s and even towables. And if REV Group gets aggressive in pushing for quality, it might get us consumers some higher quality RVs overall. There is always hope.


2) This also very modern Aria by Thor is going to put pressure on the versatile and rich REV Group to keep it from catching up. But if Thor can’t get the quality in construction that REV Group is pushing for, Thor might find this newcomer right on its tail.



But Winnebago might stand in REV Group’s way. With the purchase of Grand Design and the move of some production to Junction City, Oregon (the old Country Coach plant), this old-time motor home manufacturer also appears to be pushing to become number 3 in sales. And because both companies are publicly traded, the financial world will be watching this battle closely.



3) In my judgement, Forest River is happy to build mediocre and medium priced motor homes, like this FR3, to keep the sales volume up.

RVers also need to watch this battle of buyouts. Remember Jayco? Before Thor bought it Jayco was, according to our membership, climbing solidly into the 4-star lane. If recent comments and scores hold the trend, Jayco’s satisfaction scores could be dipping back into the 3-star lane of a decade ago.

If the comments continue to show that RV brands bought by the big companies are slacking off in quality and service, it will hurt RV consumers in more ways than the pocketbook. You can help keep that from happening by being cautious and careful about what you buy for your first or next RV.  Do your research because, as our trusty motto says, “All RVs are not created equal!”


To help us continue our research, please be sure to take a few minutes to complete our RV Owner Survey and tell us about your RV.


JD Gallant

JD Gallant
JD Gallant


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