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By : CONNIE GALLANT May 29, 2020

One of our members sent me a copy of an article where Thor Industries claims to have surveyed 20,000 RVers in an RV Consumer Survey. The premise of such a survey, according to RV Business, was to have “questions assessing consumers” canceled travel plans, travel intent throughout 2020, planned RV usage, key indicators initiating RV travel, purchase intent and openness to purchase virtually”.

“To purchase virtually” is incredibly troubling to me. As much as Thor Industries tries to convince you, don’t buy “virtually”—or online. It’s a trap! It’s a way for manufacturers and dealers to show you their glitter and convince you that their RV is better built with more benefits for you. Again, I repeat, it’s a trap!

It’s a trap because Thor wants you to buy one of their many brands of motor homes and trailers without feeling it. That right—feeling it! They don’t want you to walk through the RV while your eyes and fingers see and feel things that they would never show you offline or online. They don’t want you to know how and why people rate some of their motor homes and trailers so low. When I saw that Thor had polled twenty thousand RV consumers as to whether they would buy an RV online, I knew what they were doing and where they were going.

Let me make it clear that Thor themselves will not scam you—at least not directly. But if they get consumers thinking that it’s safe to buy an RV online, they’ll profit substantially, the scammers will come out of the woodwork, and many RV consumers will suffer. Recognizing that their recommendation may have originated from the fact that we now have to live with Covid-19 rules for an undetermined amount of time, it is still not wise to buy an RV sight unseen. You can inspect the RV wearing masks and gloves, but inspect it you must!

Follow this simple rule: It’s okay to view and consider the brands and models online; but when it comes to making that big decision, don’t do it “virtually.” The risk is too high.


More on the subject:

I found the following YouTube video about a couple who tried buying an RV online from a private party and got scammed. Simply do an online search for “RV scams” and you will be surprised at the number of cases that appear.


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