Member Changes Her Mind

By : CONNIE GALLANT October 22, 2020

We joined  RV Consumer Group to get "ahead" of the game. We wanted to be the best-informed RV buyers around.  I was delighted when I found your web page, and decided this was the way to go.  I had gone to RV shows, talked to RV owners, even stopped when I saw an RV parked at a market and waited to talk to the owners (met some great folks!).  So, your information books were going to be the last stop before we went and purchased a class A motor home.

I have dreamed of owning a motor home since I was a very young lady and saw the first Winnebago on the road (I did not call them motor homes, I called them Winnebagos).  Even my children would say that when they grew up and got rich, the first thing they were going to do is buy Mom a motor home.  Now they say when they win the lottery, I'll get one.  Well, Mom went to work to buy Papa and me a motor home.  I was almost there.  My long time dream was going to come true.

Then I received RVCG info books.  My bubble popped!  From all the information I read (and I did stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning reading), there is no way I could put my husband behind the wheel of a class A motor home, or take my grandchildren to see Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon.  We can't afford the $400k RVs -- and I don't even want a 40 footer.

I am thankful I joined your Group and found out about the motor homes.  I am sorry for all the folks we will miss meeting on the road.  Right now I am depressed that it looks like we will have to turn to the government to get regulations for the RV industry.  What a shame!

I have resigned from my job as of this past week.  If I can help in any way to bring about a change in the industry -- address envelopes, etc., let me know. 

Sharon Hattaway (one disappointed Mima), Florida


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